Tampa Urban Program

June 5-July 14, 2017






A place where Jesus will empower you to overcome every kind of evil in the world. 




The Tampa Urban Program is a 6 week immersion into the innercity of Tampa for college students.  You will live as learners.  The pro will help you understand what Jesus is doing in unseen places in the city. You will learn from underprivileged leaders and privileged leader alike. We hope you come learn with us as we uncover Jesus' empowerment to overcome every evil in the world. The following details should help you better discern participating in the program.


The early registration cost for the Tampa Urban Program is $700. Click on the "Deadlines" link to see cost increases based on your registration date.  Also, there will be a refundable $100 application fee for Stage 2 registration.  Click on the "Registration" link to get an idea of how registration works.


The program will be hosted in the inner city of Tampa,FL.  Participants will live in houses within the 33605 area.  The specific information about residence will be given to participants who are accepted.

You will be expected to arrive at 902 East 22nd Avenue Tampa FL 33605 at 10am on June 5th.

It should be noted that the majority of the time will be spent in the inner-city. Read the "Challenges" section below for more insight into what this entails.


This program will be a 6 week program dated June 5-July 14, 2017.  Any participant should consider this like an Internship in Alaska because you will be staying in the inner city of Tampa and will have a limited area you will be expected to stay within.  You will receive one free day where you can go out of the given bounds of the program but other than this, you will not be able to leave for the duration of the the program.    


Living in the inner city is a cross cultural experience for many.  There are are new things that you will need to learn and adjust to in order to hear and see God's amazing work in a neighborhood with a mix of extreme poverty and inspiring prosperity. There are also a lot of misconceptions about the inner city.  In scripture we see Jesus eating with tax collectors and coming close to lepers. He did not shy away from the margins, he brought the Kingdom there.  We believe Jesus goes to the places most would run from and creates community in these places. This program will help you uncover how to follow Jesus' example. 

Limited Resources is a necessary part of the program.  It will be a fast from some of the everyday conveniences we enjoy. You will not have access to your cell phone, ipod or equivalent music device, car or TV.  There will be a house phone for you to use and transportation will be provided as when necessary.  It will be best for you to get dropped off to the program.  There may be space to park but it is not a good idea to leave a parked car in the same space for a prolonged time in the inner city.

Simplicity is a concept that is birthed out of a commitment to sacrifice and considering others first. We believe that God seeks to grow us in sacrifical living, showing us how to give more and more away as we mature in our faith.  You will be challenged to live simply in a communal environment and our hope is that this experience will uncover the how sacrificial living can create the type of interconnectedness we see in Acts 2:41-47.

More updates about the program will be posted as necessary.  If you have any questions, email





The following deadlines are for Stage 1 registrations.  Refer to Registration page for description of Stage 1 Registration.  


Early Bird Registration:: $700 :: Now till March 15, 2016(11:59pm EST)

Regular Registration:: $800 :: March 16 - May 14, 2016(11:59pm EST)

Late Registration:: $850 :: May 15 - May 19, 2016 (11:59pm EST)

Registration CLOSES: May 19(11:59pm EST), 2016





Registration has 3 stages.  These stages are described below in detail.  Please read them thoroughly as your attention to details will play a part in our evaluation of your application to participate in the program.  


Stage 1: Request for Application

The first stage is an interest registration.  This requires you to give us your basic contact information and answer a few questions about yourself.  The date this registration is completed marks the beginning of your process of registration and will be the date used to determine your costs should you be accepted into the program.  This registration DOES NOT INDICATE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE PROGRAM.  After you've completed the first stage registration, you will be sent an application which will be evaluated.  Stage 1 Registration is now open.   


Stage 2: Application for Participation

Upon receiving your Stage 1 registration, we will send you an application. You will have 2 weeks to fill out the application after it has been sent to you.  An application turned in more than 2 weeks after it has been received will be accepted but the tardiness will have a negative effect on the evaluation of the application so please be prompt.  There is a $100 application fee that will be refunded if you are not accepted into the program.  If you are accepted, the $100 will be non-refundable when you confirm your participation in the program. The $100 application fee will be applied to your total cost.


Stage 3:  Acceptance or Non-Acceptance

If you are accepted into the program, you will receive an email announcement with an attatched funding packet to help you raise funds for the program costs.  Funding deadlines and program requirements will be sent to you then.

Full payment will be expected upon arrival to the program.  Once you register onsite June 8th, all payment received will be non-refundable.

Not every applicant will be accepted into the Tampa Urban Program.  If you are not accepted, please know that non-acceptance doesn't reflect how much we value you and your commitment to see Jesus reach the campus and city. 


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